A set of three high-end pedals for professional riders, designed to offer unprecedented sensitivity.

The innovative technology of the pneumatic piston, composed of high density gas and our ceramic membrane pressure transducer, allows us to read 100% of the pressure exerted.

Optimised clutch system for stationary starts, with a holding effect when the clutch is fully depressed.

Our SRP-MS software, with our system of calibration by sensations and not by travel, you will obtain an optimal and immediate adjustment to go out on track.

Create, modify and save custom profiles without leaving the game. Assign keys, knobs or buttons on your steering wheel and adjust brake pressure in real time so that your maximum braking is always at the same point, whatever the car or game.

Compatible for PC only

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The SRP-GT 3P pedals have been designed with the sole objective of taking you to professional simulation, combining all its components, chassis, pistons, electronics, travel adjustments, incline, pressure and our innovative SRP-MySetup software.

To take you to the top of the podium.


Built in AL6061 aluminum, manufactured with 5-axis CNC machining with a perfect and resistant anodized finish.


9 adjustment positions on each key.


Independent inclination of the pedals from 70º to 90º


Two clutch configurations

<-- Long haul

Short haul –>


Pneumatic pistons, with a specific SRP design, with stainless steel sleeve and NBR seals, with a useful life of 3.5 million km of travel. Exclusively designed to simulate real hardness and travel and equipped with a ceramic membrane pressure transducer, to offer maximum precision.


Electronics with a design and manufacture developed by SRP, with a resolution of 65536 steps to obtain maximum precision in your pedals



Brake calibration system by pressure, not by travel.

Adjust the lower and upper dead zones without leaving the game.

Regulate the maximum brake pressure in real time, assigning two buttons on your steering wheel, keyboard, auxiliary button and change the brake pressure while you drive.

Whatever adjustments you make from the app, you will always maintain the 65536 steps without the need to recalibrate the pedals in the game.

Save and load custom profiles for cars and games.

Access the manuals and tutorial videos from the application.


  • Aluminium pedals manufactured with high precision 5-axis CNC machining.
  • High performance pistons manufactured in-house SRP-P1 and SRP-P3 with pneumatic cushioning, stainless steel body, NBR o-ring seal.
  • Transducer with high precision and durability ceramic membrane manufactured in-house SRP-P1 and SRP-P3.
  • Board designed in-house SRP with informative LEDs, so you will always know how are the pedals going.
  • Innovative USB-C connectivity to obtain the maximum speed data compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Self-lubricating brass ferrules. No seizure risk. Permanent oil film. Between 20-30 percent of the volume is impregnated in oil. Quiet operation. Low friction coefficient.
  • Cam shafts made of polished stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel screws. SUS303
  • Aluminium AL6061
  • Plastics ABS


  • USB-C compatible conexión.
  • Resolution of 65.536 steps.
  • Brake, accelerator and clutch controls.
  • LED indicators.
  • Compatible only for PC.

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Weight 15 kg

Orange SRP, Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Black

7 reviews for SRP-GT 3P

  1. 5 out of 5


    En tan solo media hora con ellos montados estaba haciendo los mismos tiempos que con mis pedales con célula de carga convencional (y estos últimos con curvas personalizadas). El tacto del freno es increíble… es intuitivo y natural. Los detalles están muy cuidados. Las posibilidades de regulación (inclinación, etc..) te permiten adaptarte cómodamente a ellos sin problemas.

  2. 5 out of 5


    He tenido el placer de seguir de cerca la evolución de estos pedales y he de decir que el resultado es excepcional. Especialmente el freno, es una delicia el tacto y la precisión que tienes con el teniendo el control en todo momento. La calidad de materiales es excepcional

  3. 5 out of 5


    Después de años probando y corriendo con coches de competición reales, es sentarme en el cockpit y sentir en los pies que sigo en la pista, la calidad de acabado es totalmente premium, el freno es incluso mejor que muchos coches reales, las posibilidades de regulación se adaptan perfectamente a mi forma de conducir. En resumen, una delicia, esperando ver que mas productos nos pueden ofrecer en el futuro.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This Pedalset is exactly that what i was looking for. Especially the feel on the throttle and the brake is really great. I need some time to configure all to my personal preferences, but thats normal what you will do with any pedal set, and there are far enough possibilities to match with your own taste. In any way i am really happy with it. I would also like to praise the support here, overall i am really excited, many thanks to SRP !

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This pedal feel is really great. The pedal touch and the feel of stepping on it, which is similar to the hydraulic type, responds linearly to the throwing force. It is easy to control the strength just before the brake lock. The accelerator and clutch also move very smoothly. I’m looking forward to using it further in the future.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Amazing Sim Racing hardware, I have never experienced such a thing except in a real racing car, the feeling under your feet is that everything is sturdy, solid and well structured. The infinite adjustments that can be made make the pedal set suitable for everyone and everything you want to ride. I can only recommend this pedalboard to all those who want something more and who are not satisfied with a commercial product like many others. With the SRP-GT3P you really drive!

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The SRP Pro GT pedals are built like a tank, designed specifically for simracing, supported by dedicated staff, and provide an absolute smooth, very detailed feeling, which enabled me to be as fast/consistent as I was on my prior hydraulic pedals within a day of installing them. Having used Fanatec V3s (elastomers), Simcoaches (hydraulics), and these ones, which are based on pistons, I believe the SRPs equal the hydraulics in terms of feel, but are superior in terms of maintenance, and fit for purpose. Having used both the SRP and hydraulics, I would probably pick the SRPs at similar price points, but the SRPs are roughly half the price of the hydraulics, when you take the baseplate into account (which the SRPs include), making them a clear winner, in my opinion.

    Los pedales SRP GT Pro están construidos como un tanque, han sido diseñados específicamente para sim racing, son soportados por un equipo dedicado, y proveen una sensación absolutamente suave y detallada, lo cual me permitió ser tan rápido y consistente en mi manejo como lo era con mis pedales anteriores (hidráulicos), con tan solo un día de práctica luego de instalarlos. Luego de haber usado Fanatec V3s (elastómeros), Simcoaches (hidráulicos), y estos, que están basados en pistones, mi opinión es que los pedales SRP igualan a los hidráulicos en términos de sensación, pero los superan en cuanto a mantenimiento y diseño especifico. Habiendo usado ambos, elegiría los SRP de cualquier manera, pero si se considera que los SRP son aproximadamente la mitad de precio de los hidráulicos (cuando se tiene en cuenta la placa base, que los SRP incluyen), queda claro que los SRP se convierten en la opción claramente superior.

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