SRP-Formula-R are designed for Professional Drivers who require maximum fidelity in the braking systems of current competition vehicles, both TCR, GT, LMP and Single Seaters. Designed with the latest pneumatic and software technology to support a range from low braking pressures up to 160 bar, fully adjustable, with maximum precision. They simulate the forces exerted by real state-of-the-art braking systems, allowing true-to-life regressive braking to be controlled from the initial peak to the apex of the curve with millimetric progression.
All these features are thanks to our innovative pneumatic technology. With our exclusive SRP software, you can adjust the maximum brake force in real time and visualize the value by overlaying the window included in the software on your monitor or virtual reality glasses over your game.

SRP-Formula-R Gray Edition


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Manufactured entirely in AL6061 aluminum, with the 5-axis CNC machining process and with anodized finish.

SRP SImracing Pedals Details


SRP logo machined in the heel area and filled with colored resin.

Simracing pedals heel rest


The Formula keys are designed for driving in a cockpit in a lying position as in a formula.



New brake lever with more adjustment, the lower one to soften it for riders who have a knee injury, the higher position for more demanding riders.


Highest quality SKF needle bearings, maximum performance and cam stability.


The accelerator pedal is designed to replicate the response of a combustion engine when accelerating, thanks to its natural curve.

SRP Simracing pedals details


Two throttle adjustment options, hardness and travel.

Adjusting throttle pedal travel

Adjusting pedal hardness

This brake piston has been developed with the latest pneumatic and software technology, to replicate with maximum fidelity the demanding current braking systems of the highest competition.
It will allow you to exercise with total precision from the maximum braking peak, to the regressive regulation to enter the curve.


Increases and decreases the brake travel easily.


New R-series transducers with ceramic membrane and metal connector


9 positions for the keys that allow you to find your maximum comfort.



Adjust the tilt of the keys from 90º to 70º


Redesigned the piece for the inclination of the keys, improving the grip.



Rubber bumper on the base to prevent noise when releasing the pedal.


New design for the adjustment of the cam bushings.


  • Aluminium pedals manufactured with high precision 5-axis CNC machining.
  • High performance pistons manufactured in-house SRP-P1 and SRP-P3 with pneumatic cushioning, stainless steel body, NBR o-ring seal.
  • Transducer with high precision and durability ceramic membrane manufactured in-house SRP-P1 and SRP-P3.
  • Board designed in-house SRP with informative LEDs, so you will always know how are the pedals going.
  • Innovative USB-C connectivity to obtain the maximum speed data compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Self-lubricating brass ferrules. No seizure risk. Permanent oil film. Between 20-30 percent of the volume is impregnated in oil. Quiet operation. Low friction coefficient.
  • Cam shafts made of polished stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel screws. SUS303
  • Aluminium AL6061
  • Plastics ABS


  • USB-C compatible conexión.
  • Resolution of 65.536 steps.
  • Brake, accelerator and clutch controls.
  • LED indicators.
  • Compatible for PC
  • Pedals are compatible for PlayStation, Xbox, etc. (with Drivehub*)

* IMPORTANT: Check at Drivehub website your steering wheel and peripherals compatibility

Software SRP-MySetup V3.0

Brake calibration system by pressure, not by travel.
Access the manuals and video tutorials from the application.
Two selectors to activate the window overlay for the control of your pedals, for monitor and VR viewers.
Software in several languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Pro mode:
Adjust upper and lower dead zones without leaving the game.
Regulate the maximum brake pressure in real time, assigning two buttons on your steering wheel, keyboard, auxiliary button panel and change the brake pressure while driving.
View changes in real time, with the overlay window in play.
Save and load custom profiles.
In customize mode we add the following settings.
Create custom curves per pedal
New auto brace system, keep the clutch pressed for 3 seconds and the brake will activate itself, so the car will not move while you prepare to take the start.
Any adjustments you make from the app will always maintain the 65536 steps without the need to re-calibrate the pedals in-game.
Save and load custom profiles for cars and games.

Videotutorial software V3.0


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