Changelog (15-09-2021):

– Contains MySetup and firmware.
– Detection and display of firmware version (requiered firmware update).
– Viewing the assigned profile.
– Pre-calibrated pedals, you just have to adjust the brake pressure.
– Eliminated the limit of increase of pressure of the brake that was in 10%.
– Added monitor with pedal bars and brake % pressure.
– Added monitor for VR viewers with the pedal bars and the % of brake pressure.
– Added menu for positioning the monitor in VR viewers.
– Fixed error of assigning option F6 to F12.

Changelog (19-01-2021):

– Substitution of the name from SPORT to PRO, which will be the definitive one.
– Fixed maximum clutch reading.
– Button to save custom profiles.
– Button to load custom profiles.
– New list of keys to map with the assistance of joytokey.
– Rename “save settings” button to “apply settings”.
– Modifications to the software to improve performance.

Changelog (15-11-2020):

– New SPORT mode activated.
– New calibration system.
– Lower dead zone adjustment on all pedals.
– Upper dead zone adjustment on throttle and clutch.
– Adjustment of maximum brake pressure in real time.
– Modification of the braking pressure from your keyboard, steering wheel, Stream Deck, or auxiliary button panel.
– Adjustment of all parameters in real time without leaving the game.

Changelog (29-08-2020):

– Fixed an issue with brake calibration.
– Added program icon.

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